The overall objective is to reduce the social and economic gap between Roma "Serbia" and rest of the village community by establishing and equipping Glodeni day care center in the community and implementation of integrated activities. 

The project contributes to the overall objective of the program and the expected results by reducing the social and economic gap between Roma and the rest of society at the local level, in the village of Glodeni. The expected results of the program, such as improving school attendance and raise awareness on the importance of education, especially among Roma families, are included in the present project.

The project aims to reduce socio-cultural discrepancies between Roma and other ethnic groups generated by economic problems becoming more pronounced in rural areas, reducing socio-cultural marginalization by ensuring access of Roma children from rural areas to the educational process.

Social inclusion of the Roma community in the village and creating a sustainable living environment for residents is one of the priorities of the development strategy of the village. It is also very important to improve the range, quality and accessibility of basic services to reduce social gap between Roma and the rest of the population.

Among basic services, cultural and recreational activities , providing complex information and communications infrastructure, requires the development and provision of infrastructure to conduct integrated activities specially designed for and with the Roma community, focusing particularly on the needs of children at risk.